Screpy – AI based SEO and Web Monitoring Tool

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If you are an SEO Analyst or webmaster, you definitely understand the fact that checking keywords manually on the web for seeing website ranking takes a lot of time. As such, you can not create a report. If you want to, it will take an extra lot of time. So, what is the solution?

The solution is rank tracking software. Yes, with rank tracking software you can analyze your website keywords on automation, create reports, see variations over time, take future decisions, analyze the value, and a lot more.

Screpy is among the software that can help you with rank tracking, page speed monitoring, lighthouse monitoring, uptime monitoring, w3c monitoring, and website analysis.

With screpy, you can find the keyword performance for your selected keywords on SERP. It tells you the performance of each keyword that you add to the system. Screpy tells you whether your keyword is falling or rising. If it is falling, you can make some necessary changes to the page to tackle the issue.

Let’s talk in details about some of the interesting features of Screpy:

Features of Screpy SEO Software

Keyword Rank Tracking
Screpy helps you with rank tracking for your various keywords. With rank tracking, one can easily identify the users behavior and interest on various search results. This allows you to get some instruction to work on some keywords that need immediate attention. Without rank tracking, you sprint on a road without map.

PageSpeed Monitoring
We generally use much software to check the speed of our websites such as google pagespeed insights, GTmetrix & Pingdom Tool. Interestingly, you donโ€™t need to switch to another tab next time for that. Screpy lets you analyze the page speed insights for your pages.

Uptime Monitoring
No one wants to see their website down! There are many tools out there for uptime monitoring but what if you get this right within your SEO software? Yes, it’s exciting. Screpy lets you access the uptime monitoring tool and get the downtime alerts.

SEO Monitoring
SEO Monitoring tool in screpy lets you see all the issues in your pages. It also allows you to fix them. It tells you all the details about the specific issue and how to fix it. So whether it is a Lazy load image issue or an Unused JS issue you can fix it all with ease after identifying them.

Syntax Errors
With Screpy you can also check all the syntax errors in your website and easily fix them.

You can also add your team in Screpy to work more closely on any project or task. However, the team feature is not available in the Free and Lite pricing plan. So, review carefully while you purchase any plan.

Interactive UI
Its interactive UI allows you to navigate easily through multiple features of the software. With many players in the market, UI plays definitely a major role while you decide to buy a product.

Screpy Pricing
Screpy comes with different pricing plans. Their plans are made in such a way that one can buy them as per their requirements. If you are just want to test then you can go with the free trial. If you find potential or get good experience then you can upgrade to either lite, pro, advanced or agency plans which offer you more keywords, team members, and access to more features.

Over to you

Conclusively, Screpy is no doubt an incredible SEO tool to monitor your website SEO performance and make enhancements to achieve great results.